Leominster Hedgehog Rescue

With 40+ hedgehogs in my care this year, ranging from 147g up to 1200g and costing £3-5 to feed each week, I need all the help I can get as all costs come out of my own pocket and  some donations.please vist my wish list, click here Amazon

New in this week, Hedgehog Key Rings

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This site gives advice and teaches you how to attract hedgehogs to your garden, how to keep them heathy, what to feed them on and what to do and who to contact if you find a sick, injured, baby of orphaned hedgehog 

Autumn Juveniles

Autumn juvenile hedgehogs are ones that are old enough to be away from their mothers but too small to hibernate. The autumn juvenile season can start as early as September and is busiest through until the end of November. However some will struggle on the occasional one can be found from December through until September